Taxi Driver

Yesterday, I met an entertaining taxi driver.

The moment I stepped into the cab, he bombarded me with those tricky, humorous questions throughout the journey. Here are some that I could remember. Lovely questions…my fave!

  • Apple & Orange crossing the busy road. Apple saw incoming vehicle & shouted to Orange, “Stop, got car!”. Orange still went ahead to cross. Orange is not deaf or mute by the way. Why Orange did not stop? Ans: Coz it’s Mandarin Orange
  • There was a King who melts anything by holding in his hands. He took a gold piece and it melts, he took a silver piece and it melts. What’s the only thing that he held that does not melt? Ans: M&Ms
  • There was a farmers’ market. Farmer A went to the market & sold apples. Farmer B went to the market & sold oranges. What did Farmer C sell? Ans: Medicine (coz Pharmacy)
  • How many seconds are there in a year? Ans: 12 seconds (2nd of Jan, 2nd of Feb, 2nd of Mar…)

There were so many more that he rattled off but I cant remember now…interesting. Wonder why nobody asks such questions anymore.


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