Yesterday night watched this show called – Cinderella’s Sister (Korean drama). Super addicted now & awaiting for the next episode. The female lead inspired me to lose weight..She is so skinny..hahahaha so..I am so determined to start from this weekend. Shall go on a strict diet & hit Amore at least 4-5 times a week! INSPIRED!!!!

So funny..yesterday also went to buy the wedding invitation cards from Paper Market. Wanted to print ourselves. First it is SO expensive! & Guess what? End up alot of them is blank envelopes. SIghz..Martha Steward is such a ripoff!

Calculated my finances..constantly in the exciting & yet planning another short trip to my fave place – Batam. Cant believe I am going there to do grocery shopping. Along the lines of prolonging the need to change my toothbrush so that I can go there & buy MEGA amount! sheesh…how cheapskate I become..wahahaaha

Today is another work day..nothing much exciting happening. Kept on reminiscing the old work days…hopefully things will look up! 😦

Should I go Amore later? Feel so sleepy


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