It’s an another day…only diff is me working from KL instead.

Hmm…the hotel here is so cold…at night couldnt really sleep well..missing my bed…UNCLE MARKIE!!! u never prepare nice warm clothes for me!!! make me freeze to death here instead…SO BAD SO BAD…

Heard good news from people around me!!! That’s fantastic! I do hope my friends will lead their lives well enough.

Preparation for the wedding reception is such a torture. Cant stand the wedding photoshoot place – Manhatten. Keeps on giving me ugly designs of the photobook. So many things undone. Flowers not ordered. Cards still not printed. Book still haven printed also…SIGHZ…BIG SIGHZ..

To be honest. I am worried to the max! But oh wellz..no choice have to take things as they come. I cannot stand the fact that I cannot control stuff…it’s super irritating!!!!

Another day..going to work now…tata for now!

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