Tradition is a CHORE

Why did traditions start about? According to the dictionary, the term ‘tradition’ is the handing over/passing down of ways, beliefs, customs.

Now, what then is customs? Especially wedding customs? Dun talk about any other races. Just talk about Chinese. Now, are we freaking living in an age where we need brides to be married into rich familie or work hard in the fields or give birth to sons???? I think people need to move with times. Many disagree with me as they most probably feel that oh these customs are good to have. Be superstitious. Better than nothing. It will bring good luck. Oh really? So many couples went through the same customs & ended up divorcing…did these customs help bring good luck then?’s for parents…why must I put up a show for parents when they can freaking quarrel over an ang bao????? I mean seriously! Who the hell determines all these rules? In fact, the way I looked at it, it’s all rules to satisfy human ego in the beginning. All the stupid face & pride.

Why cant I have a simple wedding that deals strictly with rules/my way?I think I will be happier.No demands, no hassle. No need for frivolous stuff like making myself up. It’s just a total headache which is unnecessary.

Am I an extremist? Maybe. But I cant see why I cannot do my ROM, have my honeymoon, get a house & just move out. No need for all the reception etc. WASTE OF TIME. Fine. I have it…in case some people do talk about my silly parents. Ok..What’s this????!!!! You should get this kind of cake. Are you wearing a veil? Here are some gold earrings for you. You must wear. HEY HEY HEY. My wedding or yours? My reception or yours? Who is the bride? ME or YOU?

So what if u give me gold bracelets/earrings etc. Did I say I want them? Even if I accept them. Do not expect me to wear them! Whoever once said that you must like & wear a gift? PLUS! I never once expect you to buy. Dun act smart, buy already & expect me to smile @ you and say damn gorgeous (when it’s ugly to the max) just for you to prevent saying I am ungratful.

On that day. What I do is seriously NONE of your BIZ… but parents have to say..we need this we need that if not people will talk. COME ON…who are the people talking???!!! Come & tell me in the face!

Oh..but apparently I do have such uncivilized relatives who do poke their face in things like that. Once someone asked how much $$ I give my parents every mth. SERIOUSLY…Your prob????? So I said..happily…she had to comment…huh…so little???!!! Fine I dun earn big bucks. Even if I do…& I really give my parents like millions every mth. You think she will say much ah…these type of people are really detestable. Why u care how much I give my parents. If it’s so little. U want to contribute????!!! Talking air wont help! IDIOTS.

Why do I bother ranting about such unnecessary people? Coz they are freaking getting on my nerves. Why must I always smile happily @ them. If I am displeased I show. THEN DO NOT ASK ME WHY I AM UNHAPPY. Please. Cant you read my facial expression & then go reflect???

In 2 weeks time, the reception is on. I have seriously no inclination to even even prepare for it anymore. I really want to screw the whole thing & just leave things as they are. If I know getting married is going to be such a big chore like this. I will rather be a nun. I think I do have fore- sight when I was young. Just wanting to be a nun after the 25 if I dun get married before that. DAMN. I should have waited. All these are unnecessary arguments & arrangements. I wonder if all these older folks know that these customs do & will break up a marriage. As for now. I feel that my marriage is truly on the rocks. 90% will be initiated by me & my bad mood but I really think that all these additional people dun do good but harm to something which supposed to be a good thing in somebody’s life.



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