Tiring weekend

Just passed the weekend. Tiring to the max.

Managed to go to Amore after class on sat followed by a quick dessert making – almond jelly with logan. Unfortunately, my bro in law forgot to help me put the jelly into the fridge and the dessert ended up spoilt! SADZ…

Sun, went to Orchard & did some shopping. Ended up I only managed to buy 2 cardigans and that’s that. Sighz..well mark bought some clothes..which is good for him since that’s our goal! Oh..we went to Novena for dinner as well! Seoul Yummy was okz..standard dropped slightly but nonetheless YUMMY! 🙂 Keke, like a domesticated couple…of course, we had to go home & do some grocery shopping. Cleaned the room floor too…just in case my fallen hairs get overwhelming. Wonder why I am dropping so much hair! It’s crazy!!!!

Need to start going on my massive diet. Everyday shall hit Amore! Going to make my package super worth while! Sighz..feeling sleepy. How I wish I can stay home!!!!!

Time to start my berry facial package!!!!! Wa..my 45++ packages worth $4k plus has to be started soon! Think this time, my package can seriously last me for 3 years???!!!


Okz..time to hit the work papers. DAMN…still missing the bed!

LIFE IS SO SIANZ HERE!!!! Wonder if I can go Bali in a couple of mths time!!! HAiz


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