Missing B-zhai

2 wks ago Mark and me thought we were going to be parents + owners of a beautiful big house.

Today…we are already the owners of a house but no longer parents to be.

B-zhai (est.6-7wks old) has left us yesterday on 2nd Jul ’10 about 7pm. Doc said that the reason for B-zhai leaving us could be due to many reasons such as infection/the baby not developed properly. I believed it is also attributed to the fact that I was having high fever few days ago & it might have weaken the baby.

According to research looking specifically at maternal fevers has found that fevers seem to increase the risk of neural tube defects. (The most severe neural tube defects, such as anencephaly, can be fatal for the baby and thus cause pregnancy loss). Fevers may also increase the risk of other developmental problems, such as heart defects.

Mark & me were really upset that B-zhai has left us yesterday but yet glad that B-zhai knows how to protect him/herself by leaving us knowing that he/she was not properly formed.

In light of my 2nd pregnancy, I will be extra careful not to be in an office where there are many people falling sick & passing me the virus.

I presumed mine is considered a natural miscarriage since I did not feel any pain. Sunday, will have to go back for another check-up to ensure that the baby is not forming outside the womb. I dun think that’s possible but a check is always safer.

B-zhai, you will always be in mummy & daddy’s heart. Though you cannot come to this world to be our child but we believed that you will come back soon and form a stronger bond with us. By then, we will have set up a nice big house & room for you. Pretty furniture & left a mega space for you as your playground. I will also ensure that your living space within me will be stronger, healthier for you to develop and grow in. B-zhai, thanks for being part of our lives once! We love you.


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