Hospital Visits – Immune to Scans

Never like seeing the doc. The past mth I have visited the clinic at least 4 times for my woman prob checkup.

I realised the following:

KK is not professional enough. Long waiting time = waiting for death for some. No guidance = wrong guidance

SGH (Dr Yu Su Ling)  surprised me with their ‘apple’ service from nurses. Shorter waiting time truly impresses me considering that I was already prepared to wait like half a day to see 1 gynae

Thompson Medical (Dr Yvonne Soong) was really professional, caring and gave good advice when seeking treatment. Made me felt really assured & in good hands regardless the results/operations required.

Unfortunately due to me not having enough moolah to pay $6k for a day surgery- removing a cyst & cleaning of womb…I had to depend on insurance which only covers govt hospitals – hence, SGH. Thanks to Markie’s company which pays the entire surgery amt. Unfortunately, my company does not have such privileges. (Then again, my company does not seem to have much privileges to begin with – sighz)

Went through a whole load of scans & tests – virginal, ultra, pap smear, blood tests, urine tests & start to realise how easy doc makes $$ how tough for me to spend $$. Every swipe on the card, I feel the prick somewhere – literally & figuratively.

After the KK incident (which I must have told like a gazillion people) & the fact that they pricked me so many freaking times to get 1 tube of blood out of me & told me my veins run around & not visible coz I had tons of fats (ok, the fats maybe exaggerated) but the other hospitals did a CLEAN job at the FIRST try. For a person who hates needles & has extreme fear of PAIN – naturally it was a torture to be pricked, poked more than 3 times! 1 nurse even tried to wriggle the needle to get to the vein! (&@#($&@

Total Bill – naturally govt hospitals are much cheaper. 1 visit to the private gynae = 3 visits to the govt specialists

SIGHZ…I need a windfall! & this is not the last…still have a couple more visits before the stipulated day surgery itself.

Not really looking forward to it & not having a choice makes it worse…oh wellz…life still goes on…but this mth of hospic is really a huge strain on my pockets…UPSET!

My cyst ultrascan – 5cm*6cm = bigger than womb


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