National Day – Kite Flying & Pizzas

Had an enjoyable evening doing kite-flying & having Pizza @ Chua’s house while watching the NDP parade.
Never flew a kite like in a million years so it was FUN! However, our strings kept on getting entangled. But I like the pulling effect of the kite & wind on the strings…hahahaha similar to fishing. Apparently, I have no luck with lines. They always tangle up on me!
Next up should be prawn fishing! Cant wait…but I have to make up classes for Sat…sighz..that’s another long long weekends ahead for me…SO many things to do with SO little time.
Should I go for mani & pedi this sunday as well? I have no nails though…haiz..or should I wait till next next weekend? Maybe I should book first, just in case. Decisions, decisions!

Today is the last week of my New Beginning facial package. Dun think it helps much. Or rather my face dun seem to have much difference. SIGHZ wondering if I have wasted $$ again!

Markie & me discussed many times over the weekend. When should we be renovating the house. Decided to do it in Dec. Since I am going to take a loan anyway. By Sep, I should be paying off the agent fee. By Dec, I should have at least a seed $$ of $3k+ to start off the furniture fund. By the time we move in in March 2011, I believed we should have sufficient $$ to purchase all the required appliances to stay in that house!

So many things to purchase. Excited & Stress…this is the freaking 1st time of my life stressing so much about $$$$.
Even if I am earning $10K, it might not be sufficient to even own a house or renovate. Of course, if I am earning $10k..I cant even get a HDB. Sinking deeper & deeper into the rat race. How sickening!

I cannot enjoy getting my wants. So many wants I have. New netbook, new phone, new xbox, new everything! Desires have changed to being NEEDS! This is totally bonkers!

FL is doing well. Saw the stats. Totally IMPRESSED! Hope it will continue to do well. Must support my friend! 🙂

Starting off a diet of GRAPEFRUIT & veg & fruits. GRAPEFRUIT is my trusty friend now! OOOO, our visit to the IMM over the weekend was fab! IMM changed quite a bit. Looks like the KL Megamall layout though. The furnitures are NOT fab! Cant give me any inspirations! SO BORING! Ikea puts together a better concept! HMMM..abrupt ending but it’s time to start work…didnt do a single thing related to my job over the long weekend. Now have to complete before the bosses hound me!


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