Love this year…

Jan – California, USA (Honeymoon)

Feb – BKK, Thailand (Hol)

Mar/Apr – Taipei, Taiwan (Photoshoot)

May – KL, Msia (Biz Trip)

Jun – Waterfront, Batam

Jul – Oct – Drought..no $$ & no other places to go (bought house, hospic check ups, planning to take up driving)

Nov – Bali, Indonesia (Hol)

Dec – Will celebrate Xmas in S’pore with our Xmas Tree!!!(Festivity on the roll) – should I plan a batam trip?

So exciting!!!!! I seriously cannot wait for Nov to come. I always wanted to go to Bali. We found a super value tix from Jetstar.

Tix was only $290 for 2 people (tax inclusive) – HOW CHEAP IS THAT?!

Researched on some villas since I only want villa..wahahahaha

This one looks good & it’s only about USD$60 per night…wohohohoho…shall go there & indulge in spa But the only sad part is that this villa doesnt have private pool… I guess we might need to look out for others!!! 🙂 Crunch time..this should suffice…totally excitement to the max! Too many things to plan & so little time!

This weekend going to be a tough one. Have to do progress reports for my kids. Have to do a presentation on the last week of Aug. Cant stand it. Dun even know what to present. Clueless & no help is provided. SHEESH..

Going to sign up for driving on the 19th Aug. Finally. Though I still dun think I should take it up. But in the long run..it is a skill that is pretty useful. Hopefully I pass all these driving tests. Need to get the license before I turn 26 & it’s approaching fast!!

NOV..please come faster… I truly need a break.


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