Shareholders – Major or Minor

Yesterday finally settled all the basic paper work.
So many papers to sign! Funny how the agent like to refer all these work goes into the ‘Pink file’. This ‘Pink file’ is super impt. In case HDB computer system gets hacked, everything technological goes down, we still have the trusty hardy ‘Pink file’ to help us identify that the property belongs to us during the 99yr lease. Well done! Love the fact that no matter how advanced we are in this digital age, hard copies are still the trusty dependable items.

Despite the numerous variations of my signature (after signing so many, I got lazy)…I am officially owning 45% of the house. Markie paying more…so he took up 55%. I am coolz with it…nice to know that being a minor shareholder, I still get to choose the majority of the house renovation + furniture. YIPPE!! Of course. Reno loan is under me so I should be the major shareholder in that sense!

Yesterday’s break was good. We took time to go to Vivo, borrowed book, sat at Pacific Coffee & read for a while. I had an overdose of caffeine though. Never a fan of coffee. I actually drank a huge cup of hazelnut latte…suffered a headache after that…

Insurance seems very distant to me. I love to be insured & covered for everything. However, looking at the current financial situation I am in…it’s quite tough! $$ that comes in to my account leaves my account faster…quite upsetting. What to do…I still need those insurance to ensure that in the future, I am super well covered.

Tonight is a super busy night. Too many things to complete. Need to go Amore, need to do reports, need to mark, need to catch my 2days 1night. Still thinking if tml morning I should go & sign up for my driving lesson. SIGHZ…no $$ 😦 If only I am working in an industry that pays bonus!



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