It’s ok to have 1 bank calling u per day. Today I have received 4 phone calls from different banks. Either telling me to sign up for another card or to tell me to go down for an investment talk.

DO I LOOK SO FREE TO PICK UP YOUR CALL? I picked up coz I thought it was some cool headhunter or some form of hunting line from various friends/family offices.  Otherwise, why would I bother?! ++++ Dun try to hide behind UNKNOWN no. GRRRR!!!!!!!!!

DOES MY ACCOUNT STATE I AM A BILLIONAIRE? Apparently, I barely scratch the mark to be qualified for a credit card application. Remember. I dun have bonuses. Dammit! Stop hounding me!

This week sux.

I am actively clearing out my FB  & hotmail contacts..Really OMG…I am like a virtual junk collector. There are tons of email adds & people that I dun really know & yet I have their emails. Not even sure are they still active or not. Maybe I should sell to some vendors that buys email add…wahahahaha okz evil to the max. & rest assured. I won’t do it…(esp if u are my friend…) kekekekeke so are u?

Today is NB & SF classes. I hope I will have the freaking determination to finish both classes, go home & bathe & chit-chat with Markie. Hohoho..but tml unfortunately he won’t have breakfast bag to bring his sandwich to work. Coz his lovely wife cock eye & went to buy a small plastic bags for his sandwiches. Cannot fit..wahahahahhaa maybe can try cutting into cubes to bring to work…hee2’s back to work again!!!


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