Danbo – Courtesy of Anton Tang

When I saw this on FB..I thought Anton Tang was so ingenious! Taking cardboard – Danbo minis & portraying them in life. Super inspirational.

Set me thinking why some people in the world try to make things complex. We live to work or we work to live?

Recently I encountered ‘leave’ issues. This made me feel that some people really think that others work for them & not with them. I wonder how they get the idea considering that they dun pay me out of their own pockets. Management is there to guide. Not there to act as my parents! I have tons to rant but shant pollute my blog space for such people who ultimately down the road will not be significant in my life.

At least I dun forsee my old age spending time with them. BLAH!

If only life was as simple as a Danbo!

Mini Danbo pushing car

Nothing lasts forever

Mischievous – Or to petty ones -Disrespect?


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