Time, Listen up! I have an issue with you!

So pissed. This morning was thinking ah…it’s still 10am…Lots of things to clear but can clear over the next few hours or couple of days.

Went for lunch, bought groceries..came back. All took only about what? max 1 hr?

GREAT! Then why why why everytime when it comes to 5pm…nearing going home hour (6pm). U – FREAK..NAME – TIME..must pass so fast? See? I type 1 word u move 1 min. PLUS PLUS PLUS..why everytime at 5pm where suddenly so many things to clear…u like to move extremely fast? U ARE DOING IT ON PURPOSE RIGHT!

Fine…in the irony of all things. U most prob telling me to save min to type emails instead of typing blog. BUT I am doing it coz I want to make a point! MOVE FAST & SLOW DOWN WHEN REQUIRED!!!!



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