Finally managed to fix an appt with Dr Yu to remove the cyst.

Though everyone tell me that it’s really really a minor surgery…but there is always this inate fear that I will be in pain.

Been taking alot of leave, MC to really cure this issue. Hope it’s really all done after the 16th Sep. Get it over once & for all. Then I can start my detoxification diet.

So determined to lose weight before the start of next year.

URGGGHHH back in office.

Sometimes, I feel that I am more productive at home than at work. More motivation to get things done so that I can go run my errands 🙂

Watched Personal Taste again over the weekend. SO SWEET… sighz..why my hubby cannot have exact same type of complexion as that Lee Min Ho? ENVIOUS! His complexion is better than mine! What the hell! Ok…mine is not that good. Deteriorated over the past few wks. Think it’s all the hospic visiting!

Feeling ever so broke…but 2 wks later..we are going to get the keys to the house!!! 🙂

& decided to renovate Jan onwards. In time to fix the fibre optics wires into the house! I guess moving in will take a while..but no urgency..since we are so damn BROKE!

How I wish I can get a windfall..ok.whining again…OOPs..it’s 815am now..time to hit the decks…

Hopefully all goes well this wk! & YES! It’s a SHORT WEEK! YIPPEE!!!


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