Life is apparently not that boring for me

What has been going on in my life?
Nothing much.

Removed the freaking cyst. Now waiting to remove the stitches. Happily got 3 small scars on my body – the mark of battling with abnormal growth in me!

Getting house keys tonight!!!! FINALLY! After the much long wait. & we have an appt with the contractor this weekend! HOW EXCITING!!!! I already know what I want to do, but seriously, I dunno how much it will cost. According to Uncle Mark, I have HIGH expectations. Freak.

Still stuck in doing my wedding photobook! Damn so going to miss the Sep discount ONCE again! This is not good. We are 2 photobooks far far behind. And there is another one upcoming on all the short ‘B’ trips that we are taking! DAMN DAMN DAMN

Today read the newspaper. OH manz..the new season of Glee is trying to be funny. Really? I mean seriously? Britney medley?! No offence to Britney fans but huh?! I thought we can move on to maybe the newer singers like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or something…Gosh. But suckers like me still watch.

All thanks to Uncle Mark. Me now super addicted to the medley of comedies on Star World EVERY night! Fave now is “How I Met Your Mother”. That is a super fantastic show. All the characters are lovable 🙂

Bali trip is ON THE ROLL!!!!! WHOOHOOO
Lodging – Booked
Airtix – Booked
Itin – Planned
Spa – CHECKED (so looking forward)
What more can I do? YES! My cycling trip! Have not booked that yet. Totally cannot wait. Yes. It’s in Nov. But what can I say? I am a PLANNER & of course a damn good executioner. Oops is that even the right word? hahahaa never mind.

Heard lots of good news yesterdays. Offers on the roll. wahahahahah

Oh…should I be getting myself a new phone? I love to be geeky. However, my house dun seem to allow me. 😦
Shit, should I be also looking to get a fengshui master? I need tons of good luck & Moolah.

kekekeke. This weekend will be EXCITING! Going to drag Uncle Mark go walk up Mt Faber. Since I am not allowed to go gym. I shall WALK long distances. Uncle Mark. BEWARE…heres to our upcoming 5KM walk on SAT!

ooo…I signed up for like 4 stand chart cards?! hahahahahaha just to get the free $200+ to spend. So must remember to cancel later.

oh manz. It’s 8am. Back to work 😦

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