Hmmz…met with a contractor last weekend. Ended up I want to renovate so many things…

As per Mark’s comment – “We are only keeping the living room floor is it?” Unfortunately, YES!

Wat can I do? The house is really in a bad shape! Walls are cracking, doors are falling apart. Toilets are ugly. Kitchen is not in colours that I want. Holes are everywhere! I need a feature wall. Even the gate is rusty & needs to be galvanised.

Since I am taking a loan. I might as well do everything nice nice once & for all shouldnt I?

ME need more contractors contact. Can’t wait for the new house to start it’s renovation! šŸ™‚ Excite Excite Excite!


Last weekend, we went to Mark’s friend’s daughter 1st year B-day party. Lots of food. But what amazed me most is the B-day cake! WOOHOO!! Gorgeous but too ex for my taste.

Sighz..feeling super sleepy nowadays. Can’t wait for the weekend!! I need beauty sleep + + + we are going TREKKING! Didnt manage to go last weekend. Rained haeavily.

Ooo JNTO is organising a blog contest. Not sure if I should apply. The prize looks fab…but me have to travel alone. Not sure if it’s time for independence in a foreign land. Though it’s mere 3days..wa I say as though I will win like tat.

hahahaahaha must say that after all the travelling these few years. I am not keen to travel alone. It gets boring! šŸ˜¦

Photobook is up again! With good prizes. Think it’s time I really put some time in building this.

Stupid buying review. Really hate doing it!

URRGGHH back to work. šŸ˜¦

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