Eventful weekend! :)

Last weekend, managed to spend some time with Jiaying & Yueqin @ East Coast Park.

Not a bad weekend. Cycled & saw lots of interesting things along the way.

1) Cat trying to catch a lizard…hahaahhaha didnt manage to take a pic

2) New Innovative cycling mode – 4 in a rickshaw type of bike

3) Yogabythesea…some mass yoga event. & we purchased Vit C gummies!! 🙂

4) Highlight of the day! Making friends with JOY! & the other parrots. Apparently every other weekend, there is a parrot gathering! Next time we go, we are so going to fix another date with JoY! Joy loves Yueqin’s armpit & hair…hahahahaha the effect of snuggling & falling asleep in her arms. So cute! 🙂

Apart from having a wonderful sat of eating, exercising & making ‘friends’, Sunday was also quite eventful. Went to meet Jackson the contractor in Kim Keat area.

His office was so beautifully decorated – Ancient Chinese look.  hahahah I was shy to take pics. But yes! Comfortable with his quote…high chance should be going with him. & then it means I have to find means & ways to earn more $$ hahahahha more $$ to pay off the reno loan & furniture. Ironically, me going to be jobless in 3wks time. But hey! I am not complaining! 🙂

What’s up this weekend?

Hmmz, Facial, Haircut & contemplating if I should go & splurge on some new gadgets. Time to buy new shoes & clothes also. Haiz….$$ $$$$. Need to return books, buy books, go Amore and am thinking of going to electrical shops to check out the furniture dimensions. Hmmz, maybe also decide which contractor I should go with & start work on the renovation. AH! & change $$!!!! I so need to change $$ into IDR & USD.

Mr Tok called me yesterday. Told me that Dec will be busy busy. Going to have 6 classes in the new year & 5 classes in Dec. Time still remains pretty much the same. COOLZ. I think I will love 2011!

Managed to settle most of my Bali trip stuff as well. Except the private driver which uncle mark till now still have not gotten the contact from his boss. This time, me sponsoring uncle mark on this trip. XIONG! FREAK. $$ is just going all the way out from my pocket.Yet, I am HAPPY!!!! Sick right.

Super cannot wait for the Bali trip to come! & Of course the HOUSE!!!!! LOVING IT!

OH…& I took the first step to upgrading my skills by signing up for the basic theory test. Once I pass all the necessary & obtain the license. Hopefully it’s time for a CAR! hahahahaha WHEE!! then transporting from Punggol – a place tat is really damn far to work, to places me need to go will be so much more convenient. Of course the cost will also be beautiful…hee2



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