Adventures in Bali

Bali trip was one of the most eventful ones.

Experienced delay on Jetstar. Stupid airline. Not coz they delayed the flight. Rather, they did something really ridiculous. As part of compensation, they gave passengers a free meal at Texas Chicken stall. Well. Sounds GOOD right? Joke came when the Texas Chicken stall is not open at 3am in the morning. I wonder why then they even bother to ask passengers to go there for a complimentary meal.

LIKE COME ON…there are 24hrs coffee bean, sandwich places that were opened. But no, they had to lias with some silly Texas Chicken stall that could only serve plain water!

Anyways, back to Bali. We went to Monkey Forest. Elle got attacked by MONKEYS. All thanks to Mark. I was not protected & one of the stupid monkeys jumped on me @ Uluwatu Temple. Took my specs & placed it high on a temple wall. OF COURSE. It had to ‘taste’ what the hell it stole from me before trading my $300 specs for some $4 fruit. IDIOT!

Monkeys apparently have weight. With them jumping on me, the weight is like having a baby pushing you. Only difference, they are agressive & spare no mercy!

Thanks to the monkeys, first day was over. Fortunately, the spa was REWARDING! LOVE IT TO BITS. Will recommend people to go to Sekar Jagat Spa Bali. Damn shiok!

2nd day was even more tiring & filled with adventure.ย  Bali Adventure Tour was really superb & their people were GREAT in ensuring your safety.

Never did mountain cycling before. It’s not easy. Damn tired. Cycling with all the Australians, Canadians did not help. 1) they are damn atheletic. Oh 20km? No big deal! Any longer?

2) they are super adventurous. Steep slopes/roads? kick. We been on steeper slopes.

3) they are freaking spontaneous. Off-road biking? Piece of cake.

So you can see. The only 2 Singaporeans, city dwellers who dun even visit East Coast Park often enough to cycle on straight roads had to keep up with them. In the end, we took the easy route & met up with them somewhere along the way. hahahahaha

Poor uncle Mark. He fell nearing the end of the route. Ended up with scratches. All Elle ended up was being filthy. I didnt have a good bike though. Bike was quite low & brake was super noisy. But I should be glad to be safe & sound.

Rafting was FUN!!!!!! Uncle Mark being a water baby loved it to bits. Elle was Frightened initially.Why? Coz with 2 males on the boat, I ended up on the lighter side & every rapid, I was literally thrown slightly off the boat. Hanged on for dear life.

Our guide was COOLZ! He was humourous and did the most ridiculous game of trying to get us wet. Waterfall water was super shiok. It was cold and clean. I almost thought I was going to drown though..hahahahaha coz I saw the water filling up the raft & our guide just kept pushing us into the waterfall..FUNZ!

Sadly, the rafting only took max 1.5hr. Not long enough. Hopefully, we can experience a longer rafting session in the future.

All these fun stuff has made me feel like doing even more crazy stuff. hahahaha was telling Uncle Mark that maybe it’s time for us to do abseiling….hahahah tat will be fun!ย  Just that maybe we need to do some rock climbing first! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ah…if only Mark will be able to go Texas. Then I can tag along. Looking FORWARD!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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