It’s a new time again for me.

New job. Unfortunately, I dunno if I stop being so fun loving. I am starting to feel tired. Can’t fit in & not making effort to.

Just feel like being a recluse.

New goals in my life are all now pointed to 1 thing. MONEY. Just want to get the job done & move on. No need for socialisation nor allies. Just pure comfort at home & my personal assets. Obviously love the $$. Just want to use them to get my personal stuff done!

Dec is here. Missing snowflakes.

Should we venture out for a cruise or back to trusty old Batam? Familiarity gives me security & yet fear of being passed over faster than I can grow.

2011 will bring new challenges. I do hope I am braver to overcome them.

I need to keep these thoughts. The home that I am building will be a great nest & a safe one. The r/s that I am maintaining will be the ones that I cherished the most.

That’s enough.


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