Festivity & 2010 Reflection!

It’s the time of the year where I really love it! It marks a happy ending to the end of the year.

That’s why I really love XMAS!. Though I dun celebrate it big time, I really love the idea of giving & receiving pressies!

This year xmas will be something different. We will be spending it at Harris-Batam.  It’s the trusty place. I just love it. Unfortunately, prices are on the rise. Many have discovered this new hideout.

But I am glad we are going. Every year, I managed to help out or do something charitable for my b-day. Unfortunately, this tradition sort of stopped in the recent 2-3 years.

Am glad that our trip to Batam this time help to support the Batam orphanages & habitat for humanity. COOLEST! 🙂


Our Xmas dinner menu looks sumptuous as well! 🙂 LOOKING FORWARD!!!



Last weekend, I spent close to $70 on chocs for my kids. They are so adorable. Though some didn’t expressed their thanks. But I just feel happy doing it. Of course, it didn’t help to know that kids nowadays are like so damn rich with their rich parents/family. A $2 choc doesn’t satisfy their expectation from an adult like me. However, buying for over 20+ students is no joke!

This brings me to the idea of valuation. People values so many different things in the world. Some I agree, some I disagree. (Of course, no one bothers if I agree with them or not. It’s not impt. ) Yet, alot of times, I feel that what people ‘value’ also defines them as a person & what they really want people to view them.

If I value $$ & branded items today, I wonder what will I be 10yrs down the road. Will I regret? Will I have to work harder to upkeep my lavish lifestyle?

If I value family ties more so  than anything else today. One day, when they do leave me, will I be depressed & never recover from grief?

If I value friendship more than anything else today, will I have tons of friends but no 1 really true friend? Or will I end up being a social butterfly, trying to meet all my friends, stay in touch, be part of their lives & ended up losing myself?

Sounds like I think only the negative portion of it. Oh well, never was a truly optimistic person to start with. kekeke but hopefully that will change! 🙂

Just feel that 2010 was a time where I have gone through quite a bit.

Operation, funeral, miscarriage, wedding photoshoot, wedding reception, purchase of flat, renovation, sideline, facing dramas at home, another change of job, etc.

WOW, Amazed that I pulled through.

SO 2011 will be a good year 🙂 ME WILL BE STRONGER!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

As the saying goes – 辛苦了,幸福就会来了!

2011 WILL BE A BLAST!!!!


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