CNY Break

CNY hols this year was quite bizarre and time simply flies!
There were no loads of questions like the past years, no MJ in my relatives place, no distinct noise + crowded atmosphere.
It was pretty much a simple gathering and visiting since anyway I am not supposed to give or take ang baos this year. Surprisingly, despite my every year of whining about visiting my relatives (because I dreaded the ‘auntie’ gossips) I actually do miss the commotion.
I wonder is it coz now that I am older, already having my feet into married life, I actually feel ‘auntified’?
Crazy right? Considering that I am only 25.

Monopoly Deal is damn good. First time played MD till so late into the night. Good to know how ‘scheming’ my friends can be!
It’s more fun than MJ. Wa, this year my MJ luck is damn bad. MIL & Uncle were damn good in it la. Every round either 五台 or 四台! For me, I am constantly waiting for the tiles since mine is ever so bad a hand. Not that I lost alot of money. BUT it sucks being the only one to lose $$$$!!!

I thought that I could accomplish much this break. But it seems otherwise.
Apparently I just lazed around, gorged myself silly & see myself grow fat & considering that I am already fat. This is not helping…haiz.

Korea trip itin is forming well. Itin is packed with mountain climbing, bicycle rides, cable car rides, boat rides and railroad adventure!
Though I heard some friends saying that Korea is not a good place as the people aren’t that friendly & the food is boring. Hmmz…dunno why, something tells me that Korea will still be fun & I might make new friends there. hahahaha what friends right? Esp I dunno how to speak Korean. kekekeke
Well, if I can pass my JLPT 4, I am sure learning essential Korean for navigating-round-the-country purposes should not be that tough. kekeke Markie also managed to find really cheap accommodation. We are damn good in this. Should open a travel itin agency…hahahaha

Of course, since Markie almost got ‘heart attack’ on Sunday after knowing that his flight is in the morning instead of night, his sudden ‘departure’ made me lost for a while. Missed him already..especially we always spend our weekends together.

When he is back…hohoho my new irobot will be here. Shall think positive & look forward!

Driving lessons are progressing well. More steady on the roads. Somehow dun seem to be able to pass the test since I have not touched the book at all. Getting worried all over. Hate exams. Wonder how I did it in the past.
Amazed by myself!

All righty, time to do up the photobook & get it printed. DAMN, tml have to work…hoho time really flies!!!! 😦


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