Impressed By Tzi’s Tears

Aunt Veg top it all once again!

Apart from the usual clumsiness ( I am saying with affection btw..hohoho), her tear ducts are superbly amazing.

I do cry in movies provided there are full sadness story plots playing in front of me. 生离死别 dramas normally turn on the water taps. This time, a half trailer of adapted ‘Ghost’ in Jap actually made her cried even b4 we found our seats.

Really, Kudos Aunt Veg.

Obviously, I won’t dedicate 1 full blog entry to her. hahahaha I am aspiring to be Virginia Woolf. Write based on stream of consciousness. Wa. Been ages since I last spoke of any literary terms. Missing it.

Sat was good. Passed the final theory test. Uncle Mark said the whole thing was a fluke. Ultimately, he could not believe that I, who barely flipped the book, knew nuts about clutches + the simple ‘white’ line & ‘yellow’ line theory, etc.. actually passed the test with FULL MARKS…WOO HOO! Genius in the making! ;p

Played Monopoly Deal in boss’ place. Not bad. New Khakis to tap on in the future. Damn, I am truly an addict.

Sun. Once again, slacked the whole morning before proceeding down to Punggol to meet Jackson. Haiz. The reno is getting to me. I just want everything perfect. Had to suppress the urge to scold. Anyways, I have chosen my gate w/o uncle mark. Since he’s not here anyway…wahahaha. Freak. Another $700 just flew out of the window like that.

Of course, talking about Uncle Mark. He’s super sweet this time. Think he blew USD$400 getting me wallets from Kate Spade + Coach. Not that I am a brand fanatic. Obviously, presents can never be too many.

I am so looking forward to next week. Lots of ‘Me-time’ + Relaxation 101 items. Uncle Mark is returning…Also means to say, I have to start cleaning the house, room + do laundry…URRGGHH Household chores! 😦

I am looking forward to visiting May all the way at Jurong Point to get a haircut. Loves! I wonder how May is now…hohoho…been a while & I seriously miss her ‘expert’ fingers compared to Janson. Obviously Amore + facial are also in the plan.

What should I get Uncle Mark for V-day gift? (Uncle Mark, if you are reading this entry right now, please give suggestions in the comment box. Your feedback is deeply appreciated! Otherwise, you can look forward to a meal done by me! Then again…u never like my cooking! Bleh. Or u want another cross stitch? Hmmz, I can sew u a pillow…can bring to work & hugz..wahahahaha so niang. Hmmz, WHAT U WANT?! damnz {-_-} )

Another week starts. Driving lesson today. Getting boring. Circling roads after roads. *Yawn* Hopefully can complete b4 my Korea trip.

Need to focus. Slacked too much last week. Time to start work. *Yawn*

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