Poetry Randomness

Poetry is in the air.
Hate George F Johnson. What a stupid philosophy. BLEH!
Reader Digest Rocks!
But they totally must have Jay talk?!
Incredulous is my think.
Why, reporters are truly amazing!

Happy it’s Friday
I love to go out and play.
Cut hair, mani or pedi?
What? Me not paying attention already.
Should I watch Black Swan?
Or go home and attend to my yawn?

Monday love was in the air.
I was at home, apparently not in a pair.
Wed was Tzi B-day.
We started off with a delay.
But the event ended with a smashing hit
Where they were thrown into the sky, they loved it to bits!

All Thanks to Mark
He left me home alone in the dark.
Come back, he will so be thrown to the shark!

Today is my weekly 2days 1night
I hope they will introduce good sights.

Uncle Mark, if you are reading,
Please start seeding
Comment Comment Comment
So that I can continue to lament!

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