Give Me A Coca-Cola Happiness Vending Machine Now!

Yesterday we re-visited the contractor’s office & re-select quite a bit of the house items.
If my piano is not coming in, I do have a space to place a nice little Coca-Cola Happiness Vending Machine just in front of my door.

It will definitely be more entertaining than any sort of tech products like xbox or playstation. At any 1 point in time, I can anticipate an unexpected moment of joy & surprise! WOOHOO!
Friends that come, can happily guzzle from the machine without me having to serve drinks!

& with the coca-cola red-white colour scheme, seriously, it can pass off as a good ornament in my contemporary (supposedly) looking home! HEARTS!!!!


So Coca-Cola, please give me 1 of your vending machine together with a lifetime contract of mental + material happiness. I will be more than willing to adopt the machine into my cozy home and supply it with lots of electrical power (which btw, it’s super ex in SG).

Come onz, Share the Happiness!!! đŸ˜‰


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