Weekend Spree!

Apart from the mishap on Sat, Sun was a fruitful one.

We went to have a good breakfast at Fourty Hands. Food was not that fantastic though. But the ambiance  was great! Reminded my of school campus.

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Then, we travelled to Taka. Gosh, their sale was so in time.

Previously on Friday we had bought some japanese clay plates, bowls and chopsticks.

We actually wanted to get the set of knives but gosh…they were so damn ex esp WMF. Not worth the $$ for the set of items they were selling.

Fortunately, we managed to find something that was so much cheaper & we could mix & match according + get a knife stand. & we just needed to pay $30 for all these…together with a $50 voucher!!! 🙂 So in the end, I had 4 knives – chopper, paring, medium, and chef’s knife + a knife stand. Just lacking a pair of scissors which can be found anywhere! Haps!

I personally will love a set of ceramic knives. But shall get it when my kid turns 8 or 9..then he/she can learn how to cook using those equipment. Ceramic knives are really pretty + safer. Just that it costs superbly more. I think the Scan Pan range are really good. But prices wise, not very worth it.

In Taka, we managed to get a set of cooking utensils, a set of eating utensils and chopping board all within $100. Thanks to the vouchers. We only had to pay max $15. Unfortunately, the best seller Joseph Joseph chopping board is out of stock. I really quite like their series of kitchen utensils & baking items. However, some are ex or ‘useless’ in functions to me. Just some pretty ornaments in the kitchen! In the end, we settled for the 2nd best- Joseph Joseph cutting board with glass backing! 🙂


We also queued up like super duper long just to sign up for my Starhub cable + phone line + internet.

Starhub’s 1st time sign up is really a bad deal. No value-add/free gifts. And best part…ala-carte is CHEAPER than their so called ‘bundled’ deals. & they will be charging $6 per cable moving into 1st March. GOSH! No wonder people are moving into Singtel. Deals are better w free laptop + sign-ups are cheaper + internet is faster. If not for my KBS & VV drama. I will choose Singtel anytime. & we waited super long for our turn. Because they do not have a dedicated queue serving cable business. They do it on a first come first serve basis. I mean technically it’s fine as the queue model they use is a pretty much reasonable one. But in consideration that they have like 20 counters? Can’t they have 1 counter that places cable service as a top priority? There were like so many people waiting & yet all the mobile requests were handled first. JEEZ…really losing patience as I grow older.

Next up, planning to raid Best Denki. Thanks to the vouchers, we should be able to get a vacuum, fan, kettle, rice cooker + maybe (just maybe) my Kenwood cake mixer-KMX51. Though this will totally bring my expenditure to $800???!!

Baking equipment is so going to cost me a bomb!!!! 😦

And of course, we have to make a trip to Ikea to get the mirror, the rug, more plates & cups, shoe cupboard (still thinking hard on this) & dividers of all sorts, kitchen rods, hooks + thinking about my 2nd bedroom bed. hmmz… think all these will cost me another fortune of say $1500?

$$ $$ $$

I need more moolah! Gosh, though I dun even buy 4D or Toto, but can I have a windfall somehow?!


Soon, I might need to pawn my wedding ring…hahahahahahahaha

Still looking forward to next weekend where we will go bonkers again! 🙂 Can’t wait!



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