Moving Is A Tiring Thing

Past 4 days were seriously tedious!

I have my fair share of house moving. Since young, I have moved from Bedok Reservoir to Simei to Tampines to Tiong Bahru and now Punggol. None were as bad and tedious as the last 4 days that I went through.

Day 1 (Aka Thurs)

Super many things not done.

1) Painting of kitchen was poorly done. So many crack-lines & different tones of grey. Wall, esp in the kitchen was super duper patchy. GOSH!

2) All appliances weren’t even installed for us. Dunno what the hell happened. Seriously!

3) No gas & electricity to my stove + oven. Damn sianz. Cannot even get the people down to teach me how to operate the oven

4) TVs not installed. In the end, only 1 person (SHARP) came down to install. The other (SONY) totally did not come. Then again MegaStore still dare to tell me that we did not contact the other guy(SONY). Seriously dude. There are 2 TVs in 1 invoice. Each TV in the invoice has the words “FREE MOUNT BRACKET + INSTALLATION” & u only bring 1 guy down coz u are not in-charge of the other TV brand? U are working for MEGASTORE not SHARP or SONY! Pissed Off

5) Bedroom doors – didn’t get varnish…got a shock when I saw the state of the doors.

& many more…sighz cant even list all of them down…

So we cleaned the house till about 9 plus 10pm before heading home to rest.


Day 2 (Aka Fri)

Frightful day. Came way superb early to clean the house. Spent the whole morning wiping this wiping that. Wash the floor, the wall, the windows etc etc etc.

Feet ache, arms ache. Still unclean.

Furniture came, arrange arrange arrange.

Clean, clean, clean.

Started doing some art & craft. Clean somemore. Bought more things. Apparently we have tons of things to download. It’s NEVER ENDING. From detergents to cloths to hooks to more hooks to hardware to buckets, mops…gosh…wallet also clean clean


Day 3 (Aka Sat)

Still cleaning. Cleaned the whole morning, do some art craft. MIL came, went for a quick meal.

Buy more things. Eg. Fans. We were totally dying of heat stroke.

Went back, installed things, clean more things, packed more things, write down things to buy.

Then went for driving class. WA…KNS. Got scolded by instructor for performing so badly in the circuit. It was my first time sia…so not empathetic. I was really not familiar with the roads & the various stunts that the stupid car has to perform lor.

Dinner, we visited NEX. Huge. Had a chicken dinner. & Guess what’s the after-dinner activity? Spend more $$.

Bought bolster, bought pillow, bolster cases, bought other items…freaking dunno what we bought already..just buy…there’s just tons of things to buy. SERIOUSLY.


Day 4 (Aka Sun)

Morning, took a long ride to hougang in search for breakfast. Breakfast was BLEH!

But we spotted a bigger NTUC + ‘five gold store’. So we did what we do best. BUY SOME MORE.

Bought netting for washing machine, bought hangers, bought food, bought sauces + condiments, bought mops again…bought batteries, bought thirsty hippo…just kept buying. So u will think we have bought enough.


Afternoon, we went to compass point. Guess wat? We bought some more!!!!!

Went to Popular, bought all sorts of glue, some stationary. DIY store to buy weather strip, sprayer, plastic bag holder, etc…

Afterwhich, we went to Punggol Plaza & bought dustbins..

Sighz…our $$$ just flow out so happily…can’t believe it! All for a house which now still looks damn empty…haiz…

& of course, what’s best to end the day off? PIZZA Dinner + more cleaning!


Moving is really tiring…esp since I am a super duper clean freak. JEEZ


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