Mid-Apr Achievements

I am officially staying in Punggol.

How does it feel like? Hmmz, good & bad.

Into my 2nd week staying there, I think things are improving.Though there are many happenings that made me feel that the envt is not that great afterall!

I am still paranoid about my sofa & house being dirtied. Coz I seriously know how fast furniture can disintegrate (even just staying there all by themselves)! Unhappy for the fact that my chair is not working – should have trusted my instinct when I first saw the chair & gotten S&C to check & exchange for a new one. DAMN SIANZ.

TV in master bedroom still not up. Dunno what’s wrong with the stupid Megamart people. Cannot do, just give the word. REALL, all the delay is bringing this whole thing NO WHERE.

The neighborhood has also proved itself to be not that safe – since someone stole my pair of shoes the moment I shut the door! THIEF??

Punggol Plaza has a huge NTUC with nothing much in it. Super baffling & not sure why…I guess the min. items, they do have. Funny thing is on weekends, I see tons of cars driving into the plaza. IF I had a car…my car will definitely not appear there. GOSH…it’s weekend & there are so many other places to explore!

Apart from intensive cleaning & going everywhere to buy things for the house, we managed to explore the only place worth exploring near our house. A good 15min walk, we arrived at POPEYE. Meal was so-so but a good deviation from the foodcourt in Punggol Plaza.

After which, we took a short stroll along Riverside Walk. It was actually very very pleasant. The mini forest do help in creating the atmosphere of tranquility. Good place to jog, do yoga hahahahaha

I am waiting for many news in Apr. Hopefully I can pass my driving test. I have only been in the circuit twice. I dunno what’s my instructor’s plan. I am quite anxious & worried that I do not get enough training.

Then again, who knows right? I might just pass & get my license. Praying hard.


Ok…back to work. HOW EXCITING đŸ˜¦

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