Mr Lim – From PassDriving – NOT RECOMMENDED

As a beginner driver. I know nothing about the process of how to register for the practical lessons since I did not register under the school.

So, I was told by the instructor – that’s the Mr Lim Chwee something (very old man; looks abit like Japanese)  that I need to open an account with the respective driving center. Very well, that’s what I did. Let me know if you need his contact no. Coz I definitely will keep it & share the experience. Avoid AVOID Avoid.

On 19-Feb, I happily went all the way down to Ubi to register & book the test date. Well, since I have no prior experience as to how I need to go about booking, I just told the person at the counter I need to book the practical test on this date & time. This person said OK – go to this website to check your booking. She said CHECK. NOT BOOKED. So on the fateful date – today, I went down to realise that nothing was booked.

I was DAMN FURIOUS. Coz this Mr Lim DID NOT tell me that I needed his I/C no. to do the booking of the test date. Neither did he follow up with me on it afterall. I told him booked. He said ok good. LIKE SERIOUSLY. HOW THE HELL I KNOW I NEED THE INSTRUCTOR’S IC TO BOOK? And the person in CCDC did not tell me at all as well! Everyone ASSUMED that a new learner should know everything.Then what’s the point of being a new learner? In fact, I dun think any student book by themselves if they are learning private.

So if a new learner should know everything then why do I need an instructor for? Of course, since he taught me for a good 3 mths I should learn something from him right?! Yes. I did. That’s also based on alot of other inconveniences on my end. I started out by calling this Mr Peck. Told him I want to meet at paya lebar. So I was given this instructor. When I say meet at paya lebar, it means fetch me from paya lebar. In the end, it was always at Tai Seng. FINE! I compromise. Coz I was moving to along the NEL sooner or later. Subsequently it became UBI UBI UBI. If I can meet at UBI directly, I will not have asked for the nearest MRT STATION!.

& what’s the point of charging me SO MUCH $$ when he’s late & end on the dot? If I AM LATE. U End on the Dot. FINE. NO, now it’s always me compromising on his time.

My $$ is hard earn also can. So as per today. He happily charge me $150 for car insurance + $45 for the lesson. As to the incident of me not being able to take my test. He forfeited my $150 and did not offer to pay me back for the lesson. I had to ask & justify that I DID NOT HAVE ANY LESSON TODAY. IT’S ORIGINALLY SUPPOSED TO BE A TEST DAY SO WHY ARE U FREAKING CHARGING ME. Then he said he will return me the $. I have yet to receive but will definitely chase him for that $45!

$$ aside. As an instructor, least u can do is offer me help. NO! When I am busy explaining to the counter as to why I did not book the date (NOW ALL MY FAULT). He had the guts to chase me for his car insurance slip & tell me that I should be taking the test & not at the counter don’t know doing what. PLEASE. I also know I am supposed to take the test. Seriously, if not because he is old, I will have scolded him off big time. U dun offer help, dun talk to me as though u know everything. Ask me go upstairs to the traffic police dept and clarify. HELLO. THEY ASKED ME TO GO DOWN TO THE COUNTER. Said they cannot do anything.

If you dunno the full picture, OFFER TO HELP AS AN INSTRUCTOR. Not run off telling me you have another student. Act so scared to come into the counter area as though it’s a police station or something.


I have been super patient with this old man. Apart from being muddle-headed. Eg. HE FORGOT TO BOOK FOR MY CIRCUIT CLASS & HAD TO GO ARGUE TO LET US INTO THE CIRCUIT. Made me missed 15min of the circuit time ON MY EXPENSE. I have also not kicked up a big fuss.


I HAD ENOUGH. This is seriously one of the most silliest thing that can happen. Am I at fault? On hindsight. NO. Ignorance may not be pardoned. That’s why I asked. When I asked, the answers are not given accurately, then it’s really the other party’s fault.

This incident made me feel that you really cannot give in. If you are unhappy, you should say it upfront. I spent so much traveling for my classes when I dun have to. I gave in. I tried to be more accommodating and this is what I get in return. All the pent up anger made me really really pissed.



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