Is it that simple?

Everyone’s entitiled to their vote & choice.

I agree that there are many grouches in every phrase of our life. That’s mainly dependable of the extent of how much the govt has helped the people of Singapore.

I am not a politician. I dunno how much data, facts, stats there are in the political world. I am not an expert. But if today we dun stick with the old, we try to go with the new, will the new really be better?

What I dun understand is the constant belittling & slamming of the current systems & all. So what’s the solutions? They question about $ lost. So what if the $ is really accounted for? Then what happens? If the money really is gone, who is filling that up?

They say ministers are paid alot. $15K a mth. So if they are in the same shoes, will they not succumb to the same pay? Will they go for Lesser Pay? If yes, can they promise that there will not be corruption in the govt? Wasnt that the main principle as to why ministers here are paid high?

They say too many foreign workers. True. Too many. I also dun like quite a number of them. Fine. Then how best to build the resource we have if we are declining in what’s seems like the only resource we have – human capital?

Rising cost of living. I also feel the effect on the grounds. I am only a salary paid worker. More dividends & aid given to me. Of course I welcome the idea. Then what next? All to the people & none to building reserves? I hate GST but if GST helps the country, nation people against turbulent times. I wont whole-heartedly welcome it but at least I see the reason in it.So will the new be able to help spend the reserve on better use?

Someone told me that PAP should be taught a lesson. That’s trivial. Ultimately whoever wins, they must have a solution for all the probs they raise during this election.

To me, life goes on. Hard or easy. I just feel that apart from making the world in singapore effectively easier for the people, someone must also have a broader perspective & see how we compare to other nations. Coining terms like ‘first world parliment’ seriously means nothing & will not affect my daily life.

Am I proud to be a Singaporean? Yes. Why? coz the image built over the years have been good to the outside world. This cannot be discredited from the old team. I guess the whole elections is more than a simple vote on who can bring out all the on-the-ground issues we face as a citizen. It’s more than having moving speeches or bringing people to fame. It’s not all about the youth & their say as well! It’s about the stability we have and can enjoy in the future.

I just hope that this whole election will not be a impulse decision by people who are only micro-looking into their current lives. I believe that as a party leading the govt, there must be more macro leadership thinking required and should be taken into consideration

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