Seoul to Sokcho

Weather here is FAB! The low 13degree makes me so happy!

Surprisingly, my ears did not give me any prob on the airplane either. It was truly one of the few rare moments where I actually enjoyed the air plane trip! So we had a great start. Landed happily in Incheon airport. Tried to find the information counter where we realised the people arent friendly, at all!

Obviously, in my hol mood, who cares. Got our brochures, we departed to take the AREX train & then changed to line 2 at one of the university stations. We got onto the commuter subway & thought that we were super considerate by taking the seat by the door coz of our luggage.

Apparently, NOT. There’s this 1 old man who started scolding us because his friend could not sit down beside him & started shouting in some freaking korean language that obviously we can’t understand. Oh wells, we presume coz the seat is for the handicapped pple & all so anyways we stood up & gave our seat. Then he started shouting some CHINA people etc…GOSH…felt like telling him UNCLE…Koreans also came from China. Otherwise, why u eating with chopsticks, why your temples have CHINESE words? GEEZ…+ I am not from China. Told u dun understand your language, still happily shout. REALLY!

So after this freak incident, we made our way to the bus terminal where gosh, the people here are really not the most patient & helpful. Nonetheless, we managed to get to The Kensington Hotel. So apt a place to stay. Just after the royal wedding!

Hotel was great! Everything was good.Staff here was surprisingly super friendly. But me & mark concluded. Japan is unbeatable. From culture to people to service. Then again…we have many more days to explore the places. Can’t wait for Mt Seorak! 😉

Hope everything will change after today!


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