I am feeling sick every other day.

There’s this constant uncomfortable feeling in my chest. I cant concentrate at work..I feel lazy, always feel like puking. Any motion like taking a car, bus makes me really really want to puke. It’s those feeling of eating too much, food cant seem to go down and still stuck at the chest area.

Early pregnancy really really is no joke.

Like today, I want to clean the house. But I just have no energy to. My main thoughts is to eat, keep food down & be near a toilet so that I can puke easily. Since the feeling is really unsettling.

Work is apparently taking a super back seat. Which is good. Considering that I have already resigned. This is definitely a better time!!!!

Gosh…alot of gas. Constantly trying to burp or get rid of that stupid feeling at my chest area.

GRRRRRR how I wish nature can make it a easier process for reproduction. Why make it so tough!!!!!!

Sighz. I miss the feeliong of being healthy.

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