I am super behind in finishing up my KR trip entries.

Just watched a bit of 2d1n & I am JEEZ, how can I forget that I was there already. Considering that it’s only been a month back to SG.

Well, I never thought that I will like Korea. I mean, after all the negative things that I hear about the country, I thought I wont enjoy this vacation as much. Busan totally WOW…changed my perspective.

Maybe because, we managed to find our way from Sokcho to Busan via a night long bus (7hrs). The first thing we did arriving at Busan is to fight the chill at 4am and hide out at 7-eleven eating ramen (endorsed by Mr Kang) and wait it out till 5am where the trains will be functioning.

The ride to the hotel was pretty quick. We easily got around or managed to figure our way in KR. Then that’s where the full course of relaxation starts. What makes a holiday ticks? GREAT FOOD, GREAT AIR, GREAT SCENERY! Best thing. Able to chill at Starbucky & watch the world go by…That’s totally SHIOK!

All the best food started for us at Busan. From casserole stews to more stews to BBQ Chicken. Eating the Hey fish that I swore not to eat & ended up eating it coz I really thought it was squid…Gosh..I actually missed the food there!

People in KR were so damn friendly. We were waiting for the bus and 2 middle aged women shoved wang wang crackers into our hands despite us rejecting. SO DAMN SWEET LA..I felt bad not being able to express our thanks better. But the crackers wow…really a touch of humanity. I wanted to take a pic with them. But super shy…hahahaha

Temples, markets, city bus, beaches & skyline. Seriously. It was very very very very relaxing. I never had the chance to stay at Starbucky, sit down, play a game, sip a cup of hot tea with chilly winds outside, Markie sleeping beside me & as we faced the beach, we saw children and adults playing…just like that…spent 2hrs doing nothing but indulging in pure bliss!

Hmmm…if only I can turn back time.

Recommend to really make full use of their city bus. Damn solid. We took from the haeundae route to the Taejongdae route all @ 1 price. Though the tix was ex, we took quite a few trips. hahahahaha with the weather so cold, we even took the upper deck where our face were totally blown away by the cold wind. Couldnt even open my small beady eyes to see anything. Damn excites…hahahahaha I conclude. I am a winter baby.

Their tourist headline of Dynamic Busan really is to their name. hahahahaha Busan really totally rocks. Made me really feel that the whole holiday is damn worth it! Hopefully am able to go back there again! 🙂

Sighz, every entry makes me miss the places that I went to. But reminiscing the good times show that at least I had good times! kekekeke LOVES!

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