Patience Required!

24 more days…

SIGHz… I cant wait.

I finally understand realised that when a person has lost it’s passion & drive to do something, it’s actually scary. The feeling is just pure depression & really no mood to do anything in that envt. U just lose the interest.

Unlike last time, I actually look forward to go to work despite the huge amt of work. I felt comfortable & like a family then.

Now?  SERIOUSLY. I have no mood to do anything. I just want to stay home, curl up and sleep. Stay near a toilet, surf net, do things I like…clean the house…do a bit of yoga & reading…go shopping…anything but be here. At least that’s how I feel now. Sort of being in a prison.

I always wonder…how do those people who dun work at all still manage to show their faces in the office? How do they actually get through their day? I know they could be bosses’ pets & all…but really…how did they stick on for so long to not do anything? For me, I know I have quite a bit to do. But I just cant bring myself to doing them. GOSH…frightening thought that I am becoming more & more irresponsible but I really cant stop these thoughts. & I did contemplate on should I even do the work or not. JEEZ…I know few years ago, I will just work my way through. sighz

I think interacting with kids now is definitely more rewarding than working on requests. REALLY!!!

Why why why…

URRGHHH.. dunno what to say words can describe my feelingz. I seriously hope something great will happen soon!


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