Friends For Life Project

Embarking on new photobooks project.
All in time to leverage on the June Mega Sale where all books go 50% off.
SO, it’s time for me to get started on the 1) Friends For Life & 2) Korea Trip 2011 books.

I am pretty excited to start.
Just suddenly had this idea in my head that all my trips with uncle mark are happily recorded in our photobooks. From Hongkong to Japan to Honeymoon to Wedding photoshoot. But there’s no friends-of-my-own type of book.

I dun want my future children to think that Mummy’s besty = Daddy..that’s damn sad (I mean fortunate but still sadz).
Realised that I do have quite alot of pics on certain group of friends & those are quite precious memories.

Happy & seriously excited to start. I can imagine the flow of creativity & things that I want to talk about these gals…wahahahahaha

Today is FRIDAY. My Fave Day. For Koreans it’s every Sunday. For me, it’s every Friday. hahahahaha Fave show is on at usual @ 1010pm. So much anticipation. I dunno what I will do without this program. Maybe like Suggeun. Break-down & CRY.

Sighz…how ah…no mood to do anything else. Uncle Mark is sick today. He’s down with some throat issues. Then he wants to sleep in the study room…wahahahaha a good excuse to enjoy aircon…that uncle…thinks he so smart & I am so dumb as to not detect the underlying meaning. JEEZ…

Only 1130am. Still have like 6hrs more to go…NOOOOOOO…how I wish I can just disappear…hahahahaha be like a genie!!

Now I am updating a list of blogs that I am chasing & reading. Realised that after being in the digital media industry for close to 3.5yrs. I seriously never liked bloggers (I know & I blogged too right!)…find them too fake & insincere in the things they write…esp if they are full time endorser. Anywayz, now that I am looking through some people’s blogs. I do understand that each blog does hold a wealth of entertainment. kekeke…

Maybe 1 year later, I will miss knowing the latest happenings in this industry. But I hope that I will always remain a techno maniac…hahahaha one that cannot afford but just dreams lazily about the latest tech…hahahaha


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