Progress & Fascination

Today, went to the gynae for another check-up. Yes, I am apparently one of the many frequent visitors to the gynae. Not coz I am super rich. But just coz I had lost B-zhai before so now the gynae is taking extra care. Well, that’s fine. I am super fascinated by the progress anywayz.

Just that I feel so sick recently. Never felt sicker. Nausea + Vomitting. I thought that’s that. But NO. Sunday was the day where I experienced what Uncle Mark Googled-Diagnosed-ME as – Heartburn. GOSH. I really thought I was going to choke to death or totally go breathless. There’s like this lump of acidic thing stuck in the throat. No matter how much corn (yes I steamed corn coz I vomitted out my dinner) I muched on & water that I drank, nothing helps. Then Uncle Mark said Yoghurt might work. So I took half a cup of yoghurt to feel much worse!

Sighz…anywayz today the baby progress was good. I saw the heartbeat within the foetus. I think now it can be considered a foetus though it’s so small – about half the size of my small finger. (those who know me, know that I have really small hands) hahahahaha…Gynae did say that the bb is growing well. Coz I saw the heartbeat pounding really small BUT very strong. It went THUD THUD THUD (light was flashing & super bright).

Wellz, I still had to go through japs after the consultation & scan. DAMN SICK. Felt really nausea after that. Though I know it’s all part of the process to having a healthy kid, but REALLY It’s UNBEARABLE…I cant travel much on buses. Trains wise, I was also scared to puke. I had to suck on something or make sure that my mouth stays super shut. Any moment that it opens, I was afraid to have the gagging feeling.

Came home to sleep & of course puke. GOSH…& I had to enjoy the process of pregnancy. I wonder who ever said it was smooth sailing kind?!

Somemore, the gynae said my tummy is too big. Filled with too much GAS. WELL DONE…so no choice but to pop more pills than the current pills that I am already popping. Damn sadz. Bloated, FAT, Ugly. YES, some pimples have popped up which I am controlling hard with my OXY cream. SERIOUSLY, feel like slapping someone. Who said the women will glow with radiance? All BS! It’s just pure torture every other day.

I guess the scans are what we suffer for? Do I think the suffering is worth it. Honestly, only for that glimpse of the scan. After which, I still hatez the feeling. GRRR…missing uncle markie now.

Week 5 - Embryo = pure egg white + yolk!

Week 6 – Just a half a grain size. Flicker Flicker the light goes = heatbeatz

Week 8 - Happy to see the flickering light not around but inside the foetus


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