Had a great dream last night.

Not sure what dream it was exactly but the feeling experienced when I woke up – was somewhat exhilarating. It’s like everything will just go well. All things will be fine. Nothing really matters much anymore. I am on a path to happiness…hahahahaha

Recently I have been feeling quite sick. Of course due to body changes and all that caused all the minor feelings of misery. Now, I just feel great. It’s as though all these miseries do not really matter much anymore. I feel light, happy and trouble-free.

I dunno if it’s due to the fact that I am making a career switch or maybe simply the fact that I am embracing the changes (finally) in my life or maybe it’s even simpler coz uncle mark is finally home after the 1-week absence. All I know is that at least my life is more meaningful now & will definitely be much better.

Yesterday’s baking lesson was FUN as well. I had not baked for a long time (hate the washing up part) and I realized that I still do love to bake. Nothing beats the simplicity of playing around with eggs, butter & flour. The Baking Loft is really a good place to learn. The lessons were fun, interesting, full of GK & seriously enriching. Will love to go back for more classes…hahahaha then again…having a khaki helps. Natasha was a great companion! :)Also I truly love the portion where I dun have to wash up…hahahahaha oh wellz, at least now I can offer another type of dessert when my friends do come around – Elle’s Souffle! kekekekeke

I am growing fatter day by day. My tummy is like no longer mine. With the MBS trip coming up, it’s time for me to start shopping for dresses & clothes…hahahahaha considering that I have fat legs, arms & body…ok, just fat. I need really a whole wardrobe full of clothes. SIGHZ…Money Money Money.

My kids are so lovable. Apart from the pesky kid’s mum (which I am seriously think she should just home school her child), the other 2 are actually very easy & pleasing to educate. Love the interaction. Love the finding out more about their characters, their lives. Love the fact that every time I am with them, I learn different things and the world of the young minds are in fact simpler & very intriguing. There’s less tension, dog-eat-dog feelings and less speculation or black-heart mentality. LOVES! Feel happy every sat despite the long hours.

Sun’s dinner was FAB TOO!!! Maybe all these great happenings help in creating the great fuzzy dream I had. The ramen was fantastic @ Central (as usual). Just that this time I felt that overload of salt was placed in my clear chicken soup. The Char Siew was delicious with the tangy taste of lemon. The DUMPLINGS. Maybe it’s because of the vinegar BUT it was absolutely FANTABULOUS!!

BEST part – I almost vomited but in the end I DIDN’T!!! That’s like a massive feat!! Felt so triumph! hahahahaha jeez, simple joys in life!

Can’t wait for next week – 11Jul. That will be the day where uncle mark gets to see his ‘offspring’ in action! I am also eagerly waiting for that day. It should be exciting! & then it will be off to take a pic for my card!!! wahahahaha

It’s just going to be a great great week (cross fingers)!



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