Railway Cycling In KR


I know I am writing my KR trip once again in drips & drap. But after seeing the super-cannot-make-it & I-must -comment-hype on the TV on the SG-no-longer-in-use railway + all the serious talks about conservation, green & what not.

SERIOUSLY. Nothing can beat the experience of cycling on a railway!!! That’s what we did in Mungyeong. FUNZ!!! Of course, we had to battle the rain & I had to wear the silly raincoat. Prior to that, I was scared though. hahahaha we took like a 3-4hr railway ride to Mungyeong where we had to find a hotel to stay for the night. Research on google stated that there were many many small inns around the railway station. But I insisted on staying in a hotel.

So when the train pulled into the station, I immediately looked around for a hotel & spotted 1 – HOTEL SKY. It was so damn brightly lit up in the night sky with the firework kinda display. But then we realised that it’s super dark in the isolated town and it’s definitely not near the railway. Uncle Mark insisted once again to walk coz it looked near & ended up pissing me off.

Then again, because he insisted to walk, we saw the weirdest thing happening. A naked little boy of 2-3yrs old ran out onto the road T-junction. Coz the place was so dark, we only spotted the boy through his giggles & the headlights of 2 cars that were turning. For a moment, I really thought I saw a ghost. Wanted to call out to uncle mark but was scared. Until I saw couples from the cars coming out then I realised that OMG, there’s really a kid that is naked on the road. Best part, no parent was running after him. Coz we could not speak the language, we left it to the couples to go door to door knocking & finding the parents of the boy. Of course, we took flight & cabbed our way to the hotel.

Wa…the hotel was EERIE!!!! DARK & NOONE. hotel attendents were a old couple who obviously could not speak english. Anyways, we got ourselves a suite at SGD$50.CHEAP. Plus when we went into the room, we realised that the doors were installed with latest lock technology. There’s also jaccuzi, internet, everything in the room. hahahahahaha Still I felt uneasy…maybe not used to such envt. City gal vs countryside hotels…

of course, when morning came, all fears were dissipated. At least we survived the NIGHT. DAMN SHIOK…the air was SO DAMN FRESH. Bus was hard to find initially…but we managed to find our way around somehow with their broken english. They must be thinking why would pple like us want to go there…kekeke think the only type of tourists are still the locals.

Glad we had the experience. Now, back to the railroad cycling. ITS SO FUN. Draining on the body…hahahaha coz u really have to pedal hard. BUT it’s really interesting & fun. Something new & special. If SG wants to do something to preserve ANYTHING, this is definitely a viable idea. Just totally not original. I am glad I experienced it in another different place altogether! not sure if I want to feed the mozzies while riding…kekekekeke

pics to end my tale

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