Growing Fatter Day By Day…

At the rate that I am eating…I believe I will hit 100KG soon…not a difficult amt to hit apparently!

Hmmz, so I eat a heavy breakfast…then lunch + fruits then some snacks then dinner….ALOT RIGHT?!

I mean full meals each time. Glutton is now my name.

GOSH…I wonder if I start to not eat so much…will it help the kid or not…SIGHZ…

Well, apart from not fitting into clothes anymore, I have to start buying new underwear altogether. I suspect my boobs have increased by size & cup. Considering that I am not flat chested to begin with…this is getting to be very very sick…TOO big a boob. Makes my back ache manz…

My feet also have been getting corns…Damn painful…am thinking if it’s time to go see a doc to get it removed. Not sure how it will impact the pregnancy though…but it’s so damn ugly…cannot go for pedi anymore…GRRRR

Well, other than that, life’s improving.

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2 thoughts on “Growing Fatter Day By Day…

  1. hha so funny la u.
    I’m also putting on a lot of weight basically from just cake eating in the afternoon even running after an active godson. -_-

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