Damien 3rd B-Day Party

Haven got the time to update the blog in the past few weeks.

Had great fun at Damien’s 3rd B-day party. As usual, it was CAR-crazy…hahahahaha Deny mama has made tremendous effort in organising and getting everything prepared for her little one. All to make him feel special on that day! It’s also been a while since I last went into a pre-sch. Of course, all those times when I tagged along with my mum is not counted. Cos the kids are not friendly & I had work to do then.This time round, it was just pure fun.

Of course, the initial shopping with Kimmy mama was also interesting la…hahahaha learnt alot from the games lady on the type of educational games that can be bought off the shelves. Who knows? Might help in my lesson planning in the future.

Damien is such an adorable kid. Just that he has some attitude prob that most prob the mum is quick to defend on…hahahahaha But I think nonetheless, he is quite intelligent and hopefully my kid will be the same. No high expectations at this point in time. Just want a simple healthy kid.

Seeing all the kids. Sigh, makes me want my own kid to come out faster. I really want to regain the happy moments where I can go gym as per usual, do things without caring that there’s another life inside me that I am responsible for.

Yes. I am contented. Just having the perverse mindset all over! hahahahaha

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