Batam 2011

Where else can we go now that I am so damn prone to motion sickness?

BATAM of course! This time round, we stayed at KTM Resort. Room once again was disappointing. Uncle Mark did not like the idea that there was no decent swimming pool. But the MASSAGE….DAMN good. Of course, I could not do the full body massage. But the feet, head, shoulder and neck massages were AWESOME. Seriously! I felt so good after that. Their skills were much better than Harris.

Of course, knowing that I’m preggy…the massage were light & soothing. Not the accupunture till u totally cry in pain type. Even Uncle Mark’s full body massage made up his disappointment of having no pool. But of course, he did not spare me from his complaints!

THE FOOD WAS GLOROUS. I loved the kangkong. It was damn salty & spicy. Super delicious. Seafood was yummy. Wanted to eat crab but I chickened out…hahahaha so ended up with prawns instead. This time round, not sure why…we actually brought super little $$ there. Then again, we didn’t really shop as per before.

The resort was not that bad overall. We at least got to see the skyline of Singapore. The MBS, Singapore Flyer blah blah blah. So close yet so far. No wonder it’s plausible to swim to the shores of SG.

 I thought that such a trip will make me relaxed at the end of it all. Unfortunately, I felt really drained the moment I reached home. Not sure was it coz uncle mark had to insist on us watching “Captain America” after the boat ride home. hahahahaha maybe it’s the hormones. Our dear little one telling me that “Mummy, going on trip is fine…but I am tired…can u go home & not be crazy like Daddy to watch movie? I want the bed & my bolsty.”

Sighz…but the adventurous mama me, am thinking & pining for our next trip. Hopefully then, we can bring the little one go explore the vast land of Australia. Wonder if the Koala will help me entertain the little one.

The next trip will definitely be a HUGE blast for me. Despite the long wait, I am looking forward to it already.

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