hehe…seems like a decade since I last updated my blog. Hey…not coz I dun want to. I was simply lazy. keke.

Alot has been going on in my life. Coping with the adjustment to school life. Figuring my way through each day. Thinking of ways to make my lessons more engaging & yet still complete the never ending syllabus. And TA-DA…understanding and adapting to little Elijah abit more everyday.

Recently, did a couple of fun stuff. Like celebrate mooncake festival with my ever long friendship with my secondary sch mates. It’s like a yearly ritual. Funny thing was that we still had fun & enjoyed every single min of it. This year, we up the stakes! We had mooncakez!!! Though I spilt a drop of wax in it by accident, it was still yumz. Next year, maybe we will try the snow skin version & hopefully little Eli will join us & bring us more OOMPH in the celebration. Shall get him a battery operated lantern. The freaking lanterns we had Actually BURST into flames. Gosh! Thanks to Yueqin & her bravery, she put out fire quickly before any other misshap happened…wahahahahaha

Of course, then there was HONGKONG! Hmmz, as usual, I did my itinerary. Sadly, we did not really follow that. Coz, my feet did not allow. I think the additional weight on my body made me totally just stressed my ankles to the max! Thankfully, we still managed to do some shopping, LOTSA eating & shopping some more. I was abit worried about Eli not adjusting to the flight especially pressure & all. Fortunately, the detailed scan after the trip reassured us again that Eli was healthy & well. Gosh! there was seriously 1 time where the turbulence on the plane totally lifted us up from our seats! TIGER! GRRR…

Thanks to uncle mark & his generosity, HK was pleasant & fun. Hated the hard bed but apart from that all went pretty well. Missed the lantern festival due to me & my swollen legs…but I am sure Eli had fun time eating HK food & drinks & not just the crazy parents! We had bird nests (dunno real or not), lots of DA JI PA (chicken cutlets), uncle mark ate his smelly tofu, we had lots of wontan, beef balls & luncheon meat. Tried the cured meat items as well. YET…I have not gotten to eating my roasted goose. All thanks to uncle mark who said that the place  I want to go seems super far…coz we had to take mini bus. Frankly, I was not really up for it as well…hahahahaha

If Eli was out of me, it will be even more fun. At least I can see his reactions!

Which brings me to the scan that we went through on Mon afternoon. hahahahaha prior to that, I have already psychoed him. Eli must do 3 things. 1. Open legs big big ( so that we can confirm your gender). 2. Suck thumb (coz mummy thinks its super cute). 3. Do somersaults (so that we know he is well & active).

Well, did Eli fulfil the brief? Pretty much. The first time the scanner went onto my tummy…uncle mark said. I SEE HIS BALLS. Thanks. Eli did a GREAT job. We confirmed his gender instantly. Next, for a fleeting 2seconds, Eli actually put his thumb to his tiny mouth & sucked. Which the mummy did not manage to catch in time. But uncle mark saw it in FULL VIEW. KNS. That’s what I pay. To lie there & entertain the father! JEEZ. The last action…turn somersault, well, he did not actually did that. But he turned to his sides to avoid getting scanned full frontal. KNS. Ended up I had to do the turning to get his facial features taken.

At least Eli is growing great & I am growing mega super big size. My tummy & feet are swollen. GRRRR!!! & I feel sleepy all the time!

K, shall stop whining. I can’t wait to post up the pics soon. Must really bring myself to sit down & start uploaded. Gosh…I am so damn freaking LAZY!

Maybe this weekend, I should bake something nice…shall I try something savoury?! Hmmz….ponder ponder.

Updatez again! Ciao!

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