Apparently there’s this phase that all mummies to be go through. That’s to nest. Nesting is to prepare the house for the new born kid. It’s like doing mega spring cleaning and building a good home to welcome the little one to our world.

These few weeks, many thoughts have been at the back of my mind. Apart from thinking how to re-arrange the house to provide more space for Elijah, I have also been thinking of the delivery process and the much amount of preparation & things to purchase b4 his arrival. In addition, I will still need to think about what things to put at my mum’s place during confinement & what to place at home after the first 3mths.

Sighz, so much to research on as well. Not sure when I can complete everything. Just did a quick count down and realised that I only have about 16 weeks left. Gosh, time seriously flies!

But I am excited to have Elijah physically with us. Cant wait for that day to come & the suffering of pain to be over!

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