Chef in Action

Though I never really like cooking, I have been cooking pretty often since I left Starcom. Partly the fact that I am getting sick of outside food and that I do have quite a bit of free time after school.

So what’s brewing in my kitchen? Nothing that can attract ants! But I was super amazed with myself. Apart from the usual simple dishes, I was fascinated with my ability to cook black bean salmon, dumplings soup, fried macroni, seafood porridge, mapo tofu, korean bibimbap, sushi, nonya curry, etc. Gosh…super impressed with myself. Uncle mark of course loved the dishes and the fact that I never really repeat any of the dishes any other day.

Sadly…I never had the chance to bake. Partly, I dun have a mixer and it’s getting tiring to do a good whipping of cream and butter with my hands. But I do miss the smell of baking in my oven. So festive and cozy. Feels like xmas every other day!

But I do want to start making chiffon or sponge cake. At least Eli’s first b-day cake will be done by the mummy! That’s most heart warming versus buying from outside! Hmmz…

Need more hand cream. All the washing & chores are making my hands turn dry…hahahaha surprisingly I am not super bothered by it. Maybe I do like the idea of having something to do with my hands. It’s so much more fulfilling! Maybe I should start taking the pics of my food & post it on my blog. Seriously, I am so lazy…hahahaha Oh wellz, believe there’s alot of chances in the future!

Update another time. Cheerios!


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