Eli @ Week 24

Hello Elijah.

Remember our short visit last week at Dr Yvoone?

You showed me how contented you are! Dr Yvonne told me that you are definitely growing well and your limbs are long enough to indicate that you will be a tall baby. I managed to see that you have huge eyes that literally cover half your face. I hope that’s coz you are taking after uncle mark k. Coz mummy has small eyes.

I also know u are assimilating very damn well in my tummy. Since your cheeks and tummy were so round and chubby. Does this mean that you will come out very adorable? But mummy scared that you will break my arms leh…hahahaha afterall, you know that my arms are super weak. So to prevent nursing you halfway and being unable to carry you, I have prepared a breastfeeding pillow. Believed that will help me support your weight along the way.

Now, I just have to be your temporary 8-9mths human taxi driver cum food churner. So you love to kick me especially at night right. I wonder why. Are you going to be a night owl like uncle mark? As of now, from the looks of it. U are already taking after uncle mark in many areas physically. What about mummy? Or are u just planning to take over my chubby genes? hohoho

Anywayz, just come out healthy. Look super adorable OK. If not mummy will seriously fall into mega depression. Yes u heard me. It’s the very first threat me putting to you. We will ‘discuss’ your future devt later on. hahahahahaha Meantime, please try to minimise pain on me. As of now, I am already looking super fat and suffering from backaches coz of you. I know u will be good and try your bestest to accomodate mummy’s request!

And all the chinese names that I have to think for you is causing me headaches. What chinese name will best fit you leh? Elijah…do u think u prefer a name that is simply easy to write (coz uncle mark sux in chinese) or a name that sounds sophisicated and literary (profound pple will admire & understand)? Just to let you know. I dislike all the names your grandmas have tried pitching to me & uncle mark. All sound like from the 70s. If we did agree to any name…u might end up having a name like uncle mark. WAHAHAHAHAHA a name that seriously dun feel like much thought has been put into it. BUT then again…(uncle mark if you are reading this post, please understand that you also dun like your own chinese name ok…I have nothing against your mum!)

U know…uncle mark owes mummy the honeymoon photobook for years now. He told me recently that he wrote you a secret message in my honeymoon book ok. GOSH! It’s my honeymoon book and he is writing to you. BTW, you are conceived in KOREA not USA. Please dun misunderstood. As to why uncle mark wants to do that?  He is just trying to create some drama out of nothingness. Anywayz, when you are older (hopefully this blog still exists in the online, ever-so-in-need-to-expand, space) and am reading this particular post, do flip to the back of the photobook (the USA one) and read what uncle markie wrote to you.

Ermz, so hor…for the KR photobook…dun expect mummy to put little notes for you in it k. Coz mummy is already writing this lovely post to you! So till then…BE GOOD!

Elijah! That's you facing the scan (FOR ONCE) to show me how well fed you are!

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