Kudos to Isotonic Drinks

Not sure how things work. But I think my weekdays daily dosage of H-2-O does help in preventing my legs from cramping up at night. Weekends, I just glup down tons of water.

Apparently, there was this particular weekday day where I did not drink any isotonic drinks. When night befalls. GOSH. The sudden acute pain in my small calf totally jerked me awake. It was so painful that I had to grab the sheets & just scream out loud. Uncle Mark seriously thought I was going into labour. It was frightfully painful….the whole calf just stiffened and any movement felt like pins & needles pricking into something super hard. Since my tolerance level for pain is at a all time LOW, obviously I reacted as though I was in mega pain. BTW, it was MEGA pain. Uncle Mark just sighed & patted my calf to sleep. NO HELP!

So…not sure how I am going through the C-section. I dun react well to anethestic. I dun think I can bear the idea of hearing the doc cutting me open. Neither can I bear the thought of knowing that I will be in major pain after being sewn up. GOSH. HOW HOW HOW. I want Eli out but yet….Sighz…seems like it’s so much easier to plant things into a human body than to retrieve it out.

Been reading up quite abit on all the delivery stuff related to c-section. QUITE SCARED. Scared just coz of the pain that will be inflicted on me. SIGHZ….but the more pain I think it will be…the more I want to think & read about it. Perverse right?! Then again…that’s the whole fun, no?

Eli is happily kicking me again while I am typing this post. He loves to use the elbowing technique to make me feel his existence. I wonder why…hmmz…


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