My Tummy = Eli’s Playground

As Eli grows bigger day after day, my tummy is also facing the stretch. So much so that stretch marks have started to appear despite me applying the lotion three times a day.

This means that I have to really work on my figure the moment I give birth to Eli. Since I am like OBESE now…and totally looking swollen & bloated…it’s going to be a long long while before I regain to the original state which I already look like shit. No more revealing clothes. Not that I ever wear any…but SIGHZ…swimming as a sport in the future will be tough.

Anywayz, so after the last visit…I have been diagnosed with impaired glucose tolerance. What it means? Basically I have slight gestational diabetes. Eli is not able to assimilate food very well when I eat like too sweet items. The best part came when the doc told me that I will need to take a glucose test once a week. I was thinking “Oh…that’s all right! No prob!”

Until the nurse told me, “you will need to take the test once a week, 7 times per day! VERY EASY ONE.” For a moment I thought I heard wrongly until I saw the huge bag of needles, alcohol wipes & the blood tester kit. GOSH. Prick myself once is aka wanting my life. Coz my pain tolerance level is near 0. Pricking myself 7times?! Seriously is no joke. Not to say I have to write down every bite, sip that I took for that day.

All for Eli! Apparently if I do not take this test and do it diligently, I will be causing Eli to have a drop in his glucose level and that’s bad. Coz his body will not be able to get the sufficient nutrients & energy required.

So last weekend, Uncle Mark made me wake up at 630am. Prepared my daily breakfast of cereal with milk & we waited patiently till 645am to take my first test. GUESS WHAT?! We wasted 3 needles coz we did not know how to use. Being me…I gave up…hahahahaha ate my breakfast at 7am & then proclaimed that we will take it again on the upcoming Thurs/Fri & Sat/Sun. Turned out…we were putting my finger to the wrong hole all this while. No wonder the needle did not jump out of the spring to prick me. Sighz…

So after all the trouble taken in the morning, Eli decided to play stunts in my tummy. He started rumbling from left to right & right to left. When I lie on my side..he starts to grind down to the skin area & do tons of kicks and rumbles. Good is coz I know he is there, active & moving. Not good coz it means that I cannot sleep in peace and every turn is a sudden surprise that made me stop doing what I was doing.

Looking at his scans again…Eli really looks so damn chubby. I do wonder how he will look in real-life. Of course apart from being healthy…I do secretly wish he will be a good looking boy. But sighz, with uncle mark & my genes…TOUGH LUCK!

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4 thoughts on “My Tummy = Eli’s Playground

  1. Are you serious? Needles pricking everyday? Or has it stopped? sounds very scary, but the things we do for our kids. Haha.
    From the scan pix, looks like Eli has big eyes! Which is good since big eyes = good looking right? 🙂

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