Entering my FAVE mth!

Time just whizzed by!!! Now it’s officially in DEC & I am super elated that it’s nearing end of the year! WHEE!

Of course the excitement comes from the fact that it’s going to be my b-day, uncle mark’s b-day, our anniversary & soon to be XMAS. Despite the ‘seriously CMI & super duper lack of’ festive spirit in the air. I have/had mega plans for this long hols.

Apart from reading up on teaching pedagodies (self-enrichment) and parenting care (need to figure out ways to educate Eli to be a sensible smart kid), I am also getting ready my hospic bag, my leave home bag (for 1 mth-since I am going to stay with my parents once again during confinement period), arranging the various meet up sessions with my mates all over, planning my last facial + pre-natal massage + pedi/mani + combing the whole of S’pore on last min maternity misc sprees! Not forgetting that I still have Eli’s baby sampler that is half baked in the oven. Am reconsidering completing it or simply get a new one coz I screwed up the previous by mis-counting the number of stitches & now I am in a thread deficit mode. Am also definitely super lazy to visit Spotlight again to find the right thread colour & brand. GOSH!

The past few days have been a whirlwind! I actually wanted to visit a library, sit down & read a decent book OR maybe just sit in a starbucky & watch the world pass me by….hahahaha SADLY…there’s simply NO TIME! At least not now I suppose. There’s just so many things that I want to do concurrently!

It’s  also true that nesting is a process that all new mums-to-be will go through. Every day I do look at my house thinking how best I can ‘nest’ it. But the idea only stuck in my head coz execution really takes a huge toll on me, physically.Thinking of how to re-design the house is also a headache. I am planning to carve out an area for our new study area but Uncle Mark insists on having some silly aircon coz he laments “IT’S SO HOT”. Sighz…we are staying in a tropical, equatorial region. How cool can this country gets? Moreover, we can get a fan. “NO I want air-con” (-_-)” Seriously…who’s the pampered one?!

And I have yet to get uncle mark’s B-day gift…GOSH..have not decided on what to get him & am already over spending on everything. Getting scared to see my credit card bills manz…Nonetheless, I am sure this will be a bountiful month! I cant wait to end this week on a high note with a splendid day at MBS…sipping nice hot tea @ TWG, splurging on great sumptous food + enjoying a WICKED musical & cutting our B-day cake under the stars! YIPPEE!!!

So dear Eli…since u have a healthy umbilical cord that is big enough for all food to go directly into your little belly & you are able to hear quite well by now. WATCH OUT for this weekend! I am sure we will have a Gorgeous time! wahahahaha




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