Fat Chubby Eli @ Week 31

Eli…are u puffing your cheeks? U are seriously looking more & more like a chipmunk. & yes! Dr Yvonne is not exactly a photographer but it’s ok – as long as she topz & whizz in Obstetrics and Gynaecology!  Please stop putting stretch marks on my tummy. It’s totally covered with marks already. I doubt there’s any more space for you to add any more pressure or marks to. Oh, did I mention that at 31 weeks, you are 2.1kg? Your tummy along is about 28cm long. According to the babycenter.sg chart, fetus at your age is about 1.6kg, 41cm long. Ahem…so get it? I am telling u that u need to ahem…absorb the right nutrients only. Being 30% heavier than normal average bbs not exactly a thing to be proud k…haiz…

Another 5 more weeks & we will see u in person! I am seriously counting down u know. Uncle mark’s & my hospic bag are 60% packed. Just left mine & your clothes to be washed & for the breastpumps & nipple cream to be delivered. Though I have to admit, grandparent’s place still in a mess. Have not bought the containers to put all your stuff in yet. Gosh!

Anywayz, I am still counting down happily. Hope u will not be too long & heavy for me to carry. It’s tough u know. Esp since I never had strong arms. Not sure how I can handle u…hahahahaha anywayz, let’s see your progress next week. Meantime, please stop jabbing me too hard. Soft soft k! Arigatou!

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