So the time arrived & I was excited to watch the musical – Wicked. Knowing me, I had done research on what’s the story plot, characters & all to ensure that I enjoy the musical better. Sadly, the experience was not as fab compared to the Lion King.

Why? Various reasons.  The main issue was the heat. Surprisingly, I actually felt warm and uncomfortable seating at the 2nd deck area. The aircon was not at the lowest or maybe it was all the other people around me or maybe it was the pure simple fact that I was pregnant and on a temperature high. Eli was also too excited & over-stimulated by the songs & dance that he kept on tumbling & free-wheeling inside me; giving me kicks and thumps at many intermissions that I seriously thought I was going to be on the verge of delivery – just to whack his little butt.

Overall, was the musical splendid? Well…I thought I would experience the hair-raising, goosebumps effect. Unfortunately, uncle mark and me agreed that though the singing was definitely above average, it was not a big WOW WOW. The plot was definitely GREAT, coupled with a few jokes & light-hearted moments. Just a teeny bit disappointed that I could not walk away saying that it was a truly spellbound musical. Lion King on the other hand had better moments & many occassions felt like giving them a standing ovation that this production was lacking.

Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the high moment during the bridge section of Act 1 finale  – “Defying Gravity”.

I think it’s the best song in the whole musical & seriously thoroughly enjoyed by Eli since he does cartwheels the moment I play the song. Amazingly Wicked!

Defying Gravity



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