Marketing Whizz?!

Bought a newspaper & a cuppa ice signature choc. Sat down at Starbucky.Started opening the papers and realised that today is a day of full marketing news.

Graduating with a degree in marketing and corporate communications do made me wonder how vast my knowledge in this arena has gotten over the years. Especially working in a media related industry for close to 4 yrs, I would think that my perspective have broaden slightly. Unfortunately, it just made me more cynical than before.

All the talk about the need to improve, change in marketing and branding strategies due to mature product industries ultimately stemmed from the basic fundamentals of appealing to the right target audience. Just that the target audience as they deemed is changing hence, the need to come up with new innovations to appeal to them. I am wondering instead of thinking up of so many strategies and trying to convince everyone else that the new strategies will work, how about looking at consumers as mainly males vs females? Go back to basic? Won’t that still have the primitive WOW factor? Of course, people will then argue that we have many ways to appeal to consumers now. Future Carts, Big Online Players, Luxury Names…down to in-house Service…etc. Great. Ultimately, we are still tied down to fighting for that 1 dollar in everyone’s pocket.

Then u know how pathetic marketing becomes when you see news like luxury brand names- Gucci, ended up in 7-11 selling to brand conscious consumers in KR. The state of grovelling is impeccable.

Which is why now that I am in the midst of doing this media project with my friend, I am super glad that I am far away from this industry. I am no longer wasting my time full-time, pleasing clients who think they are damn great with the $$ in their pockets. (Erm…more like the $$ is NOT even in THEIR PERSONAL POCKETS yet still want to act ya-ya about it). I am happy to stop playing the middle person who can only grasp intangible items (e.g. strategies) as personal assets OR figure out means & ways to justify those intangible assets to derive some form of pleasure. Total Fluff! Vicious cycle to the max. I kiss your ass, you kiss mine. Grozz.

So why did I study biz then? Well, it was more of an entrepreneurial influence which I had gotten when I was in secondary school age. I was already blinded by the glam and glitz (for no apparent reason) and thought that having my own biz will be a great way to secure for my future. Then, reality strikes. I am not Hilton not Disney not Apple where I can start something small from scratch & see it through over the multiple years to get the fame & moolah b4 I pass away. At least not in SG where a bed &
breakfast concept is cheap. Come onz, paying off my own home is already a chore. What’s more a private property. So…how about trading blue chips, stocks & shares? SURE. With the economy being so freaking bad during my time where funds can even LOSE $$….seriously, how exciting it will be to make $$?! Not losing any penny is already a count-my-lucky-stars event. With everything almost invented. Hard to come up with a proposition that can truly wow the audience. See what craze SG has gotten recently amongst the consumer? Cupcakes? GEEZ come onz…if everything so simple down to a molasse of cake is commercialized then where is basic personal human touch which supposedly can command a higher price?

Aside cynical me, reality does show that there are greater things in life than creating fluff or justifying fluff.

I am really blissful now and every night I do thank my lucky stars for everything that I have now.





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